The Law
of Attraction Explained

What Is The Law Of Attraction & How Does Law of Attraction Work? The Law Of Attraction Explained To Help You Live A Better & More Fulfilled Life explained by me.. Zik

Who and who am I… I am just like you!
I know use the law of attraction to guide me

What is the law of attraction?

You Are A Magnet. What You Focus On, You Pull Into Your Life & It Expands. Mind Over Matter.


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The law of attraction brought us together today… so let’s pause and give some gratitude, acknowledgment and recognition for that. Trust me… it’s a miracle. I’m just like you.

Now. I have gone through so much personal development information I could write a book. … but I’m not. I have made lifelong friends and increased my network. Your Network Is Your Network!! Some photos on my experiences do to the law of attraction.

I’m just going to share with you my story and the
“crème de la crème” of personal development
Some things you have never heard. And
if you have,  here is the true story and origins of some of the data.


I first got introduced to the world of personal
development when I watched the movie THE SECRET and read the book THINK
AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill back in June 2010. I was flabbergasted
when I heard what was being revealed to me about the law of attraction
and universal laws. 

So I deep dived right into it all.

I met and was coached by several
Mentors and coaches I am grateful for that.
…And I received Darsha twice from Her Holiness Guru Sai Maa
 (thats a whole different story, but ALL connected).

Some of my Personal Development background
The Silva Methods and other meditative technologies
Study/use of Binaural Beats and Frequencies to reach our subconscious minds.
 Dr. Joe Dispenza works, starting from the movie WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW.
Napoleon Hill starting with THE LAW OF SUCCESS
 The SECRET and its associations discussing THE LAW OF ATTRACTION
The COMPLETE works of Neville Goddard


Kevin Trudeau’s YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND and his other trainings
This is just to name a few, more reveal during our CONSULTATION

 I can and will guide you in an accelerated forward direction
so you don’t have to go through months or years of study or spend thousands of dollars.
In my session, you will have total access to me and what I have to offer.

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